Tryst Lake Chutes

The Tryst Lake Chutes in Kananaskis have some short but fun skiing. Some of the pitches off the top can be steep and there are a variety of cliffs to send. The aspect, combined with the trees, often holds good snow but get here early if that’s what you’re looking for.


6.75 km


438 m


3-6 hrs




Park 2.2 km south of the turnoff from Engadine Lodge. The Tryst Lake Chutes will be directly to the west. After heading west for just over a kilometer, you will come to an old logging road and clear cut on a steep section. Head north here until the edge of this old clear cut. From here you will climb up the edge of the cut, to what becomes a drainage between Tryst Lake and Tent Ridge. There is some exposure here from an avalanche path off Tent Ridge. When it opens up a bit and you can see the first of the chutes, veer slightly left and begin climbing the ridge through the sparse trees. You’ll have a clear line of site from the top of most of the chutes. Be on the lookout for shallow areas that may be trigger points, as well as wind loaded areas. 

Return to your vehicle the same way, or cut along the the base of the fist to ski Super Slope into the Commonwealth valley. If skiing Super Slope, be certain of snow stability as it is a large avalanche path.




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3 years ago

First group to arrive and had first runs on 4 chutes. Generally good skiing with 10-15cm over a hard chalky base. Some sloughing off the top on the steeper chutes. When poking outside the chutes we found heavily facetted snow near the rocks. Went to check out Super Slope but turned around when we started skinning on rocks.

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