The Crags

The Crags offer a quick approach and some of the best tree-skiing in Kootenay Pass. On the North face, you’ll find some steep chutes and more alpine-like terrain.


4.4 km+


287 m


2-5 hrs




Park at the main parking area for Kootenay Pass – the Bridal Lake Day Rest area, and cross the road. Go behind/around the Ministry of Transportation’s large green buildings, and head northeast through the parking lot. Continue into the trees for about 100m, then make a near 90 degree right turn and head east. You’ll gradually gain elevation and may occasionally see some of the steep and rocky terrain of the crags. The goal is to climb up through a treed col separating the north and south aspects of the Crags. Once on the col, you can either climb the ridge to your left, or your right. If you’re looking to yo-yo trees, head left or right, and ski down the south side. As you ski down, you’ll come to a road. It’s worth continuing on past this road for a bit, as the skiing here is quite fun – mellow but plenty of buried dead-fall to pop and jump off. To head back up, you can make your way back to the tree’d col, or head up a shoulder that is lookers right (as you head back up). The terrain is generally open enough to get a good view of everything you’d want to ski on the south side. If you’re more inclined to ski some steeper terrain, there are plenty of line options off the north face.




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