Pulpit Knob 3

Pulpit Knob 3 is a nice option if you suspect Knob 1 has been thoroughly skied out. Like Knob 1 it has alpine, trees, chutes, and pillows. The runs are slightly shorter and steeper than what you would find on Knob 1.

Notables: Trees, Chutes, Alpine


9.8 km


490 m


3-6 hrs



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Park just past the drainage between Hector and Hector South. You should be directly west of Pulpit 4. Begin heading west, aiming for the area between 3 and 4. You will have to cross the river, but it is usually quite low and bridged. Eventually you’ll come to an avalanche path filled with 5-10 ft Christmas trees – head up the looker’s right side of this. Before it steepens, head into the drainage between 3 and 4. As you proceed into the bowl, you’ll see an island of trees on the west end of Pulpit 3. You can make your way up through these trees until reaching the shoulder but be aware of the large face looming overhead – especially if solar heating is a concern. Alternatively, it should be possible to climb the denser trees on the east end of the knob.

Once on top of Pulpit 3, there are a few options: 

(1) Ski the short, steep alpine north face into the Pulpit 1-2 bowl. You’ll have a pretty good line of sight to scope your line from the top. 

(2) Ski the steep east face. It’s a bit challenging to scope your line from the top here. Either drop into the steep narrow chute at the top, or ski down a little ways into the trees on the SE aspect and cut around to the east face. 

(3) Ski the same south face you came up. There are some pillows and cliffs here so either be ready to send or ski the area around the tree island you ascended. 




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