Pulpit Knob 1&2

Pulpit Knobs 1 and 2 have lots to offer. Alpine, trees, chutes, and even the odd pillow can be found here. It’s increasingly popular, but there’s enough to accommodate quite a few groups – just as long as you’re not too late!

Notables: Trees, Chutes, Alpine


10.8 km


468 m


3-6 hrs



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17.4km up Hwy 93N from Hwy 1 turn off is the roadside parking. If there’s not too much snow, you’ll see a sign for a hiking trail. Follow this. The first section is a hiking trail and is easy going. You can even ski this section if you like. Once at the river, follow the bank towards Hector Lake. You will have to cross Hector Lake so be certain that the lake is sufficiently frozen. Once across the lake, head south-west through some sparse trees to a drainage. You can follow this drainage, and it will take you up onto a bench between Knobs 1 and 2. Some prefer to ski up through the steep trees just north of the drainage, but it’s a tougher skin up. 

There are a few options once on the bench. The most popular area, is the south aspect of Knob 1. This area is fairly mellow, with a mix of open areas and trees. Further looker’s left of the same aspect are some small but more advanced features. The north aspect of Knob 1 is fantastic alpine skiing, but there are often some shallow areas/trigger points to watch out for. The east aspect of Knob 1 definitely provides the most advanced skiing. It’s steeper, more exposed, and there can be the odd mandatory drop. If you’ve skied some of the more intermediate stuff on the first knob and are confident in the snowpack stability, this is fantastic option to end the day.

Knob 2 is less frequented. It is mostly alpine and you’ll have a view of most of it once you are on the bench. There are some small pillows and other features to play around on mid way up on the west aspect. There are some short but challenging couloirs on the east aspect.  They are tight and can be difficult to get into. The second chute is an easy run and a great way to exit. At the south end of Knob 2, there is a north aspect col that has a decent run. The south aspect of knob 2 has some very low angle alpine meadows. Not a great option, unless you’re heading towards Knob 3/4.




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Thank you for sharing all this useful information. I refer to your website every time I’m planning going out. Just wanted to let you know that your time and knowledge you invested in this website is greatly appreciated! Cheers

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