Phantom Couloir

The Phantom Couloir is a roughly 300m north aspect run that is located just off the Ogden Benches, in Yoho National Park. It can get fairly steep, but it’s also fairly wide compared to most couloirs. You can tie this one in with one of the other Ogden couloirs, or finish it off with a lap or two on the benches.


13 km


1310 m


5-7 hrs




The route for Phantom is generally the same as the route to the Ogden Benches. Starting at the Great Divide Lodge, head through the gate on the north end of the parking lot. Follow the summer route until you reach Sherbrooke Lake, about 2.8km from the parking lot. Once at the lake, head north-west across the lake and towards the Ogden Benches. Probably the safest route up to the first bench from the lake is up through the trees between the last slide path and the second last. Once out of the trees, you’ll be on the first bench. From here, head north while trying to minimize exposure from the Ogden headwall (lookers left). While heading north you’ll be making your way up a series of benches before the final knob. You can gain the knob then traverse the ridge which wraps back around, or cut lookers left and make your way up a small ridge. The first option may be slightly better with less than ideal stability/visibility, but both require careful consideration. Once on the ridge/knob, you’ll have a clear view of the Phantom Couloir. It’s possible to put in a few kick-turns on the fan before switching over to bootpacking.




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