A classic ski ascent in Rogers Pass. With nearly 2000m of vertical, it’s one of the biggest as well. The route involves glacier travel and a possible bergshrund (in low snow years) but does not involve any technical climbing.


13.8 km


1980 m


7-10 hrs



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Park at the Hermit Parking Area (just east of the visitor center). Follow the standard up-track which begins on the west side of the lot, beside the outhouses. The track begins climbing immediately and before long you will find yourself in the Hermit Meadows with excellent views of the objective and surrounding area. As the terrain opens, begin scouting your line east towards the Swiss glacier. The Hermit Meadows are full of small rolls/convexities that can make the route difficult to safely navigate. As you approach the toe of the glacier, the terrain will begin to flatten and Mt Rogers and the Swiss Peaks will be seen to the North. Head towards the col between Mt Rogers and the Swiss Peaks. Be aware of crevasses and the bergschrund (it is usually filled in) as you cross the Swiss glacier. Make your way up the col and once at the top, head left and bootpack towards the summit.

The descent is a bit different from the uptrack. Head back along the same way you came until near the toe of the glacier. Rather than veering right and heading into the meadows, continue straight towards the west aspect of Mt Tupper. From here, there is a large avalanche run out – the Hermit Slide Path. Follow this for the rest of the descent.  About 100m above the road, it begins to tighten – this is a good place to cut skier’s right into the trees and head towards the parking lot, but you can continue down if you like and hike/skin ~100m.




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