Located in Yoho National Park, Mt Field is one of the more popular classic ski ascents in the Canadian Rockies. The summit rewards you with some fantastic views of the Presidents, Mt Stephen, Cathedral Mountain and many others. The best part however is the 1200m descent to the road. 

This tour takes you into some very large ski terrain. The headwall must be approached with caution as it presents a serious avalanche risk. If snow stability is uncertain, there is still some excellent terrain to ski below.


18.5 km


1480 m


6-8 hrs




Approach: Park at the start of the Yoho Valley Rd., about 4 km east of Field. The standard route* is to follow the road for about 5 km, then veer left a short ways after the switchbacks. This is the end of a large avalanche path. Follow this up while sticking to forested areas on the lookers left. At treeline, the slope mellows out a bit with the large headwall looming overhead, posing significant risk. You will veer slightly left, heading SW towards the peak. Before committing to climbing the headwall, be very certain of the snowpack. Once the headwall is gained, the path to the summit is straightforward. The descent route is the same as the ascent.

*There is an alternative route up which avoids the rather long and boring ski up the road. At around the Spiral Tunnel View Point, veer left into the trees. You will head mostly westwards for about 550m before veering right and heading northwards. There will eventually be a clearing of trees – continue on across this until you come to the main slide path that the standard uptrack follows.




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