Bow summit is one of the most well-known touring destinations along 93N. It has a short approach, and varied terrain from couloirs to gladed chutes. It’s one of the first areas to have enough snow to ski and as such, can be quite busy in the early months of winter. Given its short approach, this is also a good spot to test out new gear and work out any bugs.


2-3 km


250-350 m


2-5 hrs


E, N, S


Typically, one starts from the lower parking lot at Bow Summit, and skins along the road to the upper parking lot. From here, go left and make your way up the trees. The trees are not thick and there is no bushwacking involved. Eventually, you’ll break through the trees and onto the wide hiking trail that heads south. From here, you can either head south for the North Bowl, Flower Couloir, South Shoulder, etc, or head directly up the North Shoulder.

1. North Shoulder.This is regularly skied but it is often wind affected and can slide frequently, so approach with caution. 

2. North Bowl. The north bowl slopes are south facing and wide-open, however we have seen up to size 2 slides and frequent sloughs on these slopes. There is some danger from the cliffs above the slopes as well.

3. South Shoulder Chute. This is a north facing chute that is quite popular so be sure to get it early. It’s less steep and committing than the Flower Couloir.

4. The Flower Couloir. This is possibly the biggest line at Bow Summit. For more information, see the dedicated page here.

5. South Shoulder Glades. This area is east facing. The runs here are short but, given that they are in the trees, they’re well sheltered from winds and hold snow quite well.

6. South Bowl. Wide-open east aspect skiing.